Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Out of Order Notice

I've just received word from the library that my reserved copy of Out of Order by Sandra Day O’Connor is ready for pick-up.
Oh boy!
It’s not that I’m much of a Supreme Court buff. Of course like any red-blooded American, I do have a few opinion opinions (E.g. Roe v. Wade? Yay; Bush v. Gore? Boo; Dred cott decision? Boo; Brown v. Kansas City Board of Education? Yay!
It’s just that I too have book for sale, and it too is called Out Of Order. Whereas her book is “stories of the Court and the Justices that come from the ‘out of order’ moments [that] add to the richness of the Court as both a branch of our government and a human institution,” mine is a funny (we hope) novel about murders in a Brooklyn co-op apartment house. mine does have some tangential relationship to the justice system. I suspect any other similarities are few, if any, and (as we novelists, like to say purely coincidental. I will read her book and reort back to both of you.