Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zut The Mighty

 The proclamation below was found near the statue of Ozymandias. (Just three sand dunes over and you hang a left.) Our researchers have yet to analyze it for such particulars as probable date, context, significance, or nuisance value.
Hear me you meager mortals 
I am Zut the mighty, Zut the merciless, Zut the all-knowing
Welcome to my web site
Throughout the valleys and the mountains, the two seas and one river, all bow at the very mention of my name.
I am Zut.
I  have riches -- including eight horses, 17 goats and two really lovely aquamarine vases
I am Zut the conqueror and I command a mighty army of 79 soldiers.
Fear me. Venerate me.
To contact me  click here
Tremble at the mention of my name. 

Snowden Question

So naturally the news of Snowden’s temporary Russian visa invites one big question.

Book deal?
Which naturally raises another question.

Does he really have a platform?

He can point to the 53 trillion downloads of Wikileaks as some indication.

Naturally, he’ll need a good agent to help craft the proposal and pinpoint significant, marketable changes. Perhaps, instead of doing a memoir (so last year), he should do a career guide. Also there is too much negativity in the story. He needs a more uplifting perspective. And maybe a dog or two.

And then there’s the all-important celebrity introduction. Since there’s a strong Internet background, maybe we can get a tech savvy movie star like Ashton Kutcher. If this is too frivolous a choice, we can responsible touch of public policy from that political Internet pioneer, Anthony Weiner.

There is a chance E.J.S. will have a book deal.