Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zut The Mighty

 The proclamation below was found near the statue of Ozymandias. (Just three sand dunes over and you hang a left.) Our researchers have yet to analyze it for such particulars as probable date, context, significance, or nuisance value.
Hear me you meager mortals 
I am Zut the mighty, Zut the merciless, Zut the all-knowing
Welcome to my web site
Throughout the valleys and the mountains, the two seas and one river, all bow at the very mention of my name.
I am Zut.
I  have riches -- including eight horses, 17 goats and two really lovely aquamarine vases
I am Zut the conqueror and I command a mighty army of 79 soldiers.
Fear me. Venerate me.
To contact me  click here
Tremble at the mention of my name. 

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