Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Saga Continues.

A copy of Sandra Day O’Connor’s new book, Out Of Order came into my hands. It came through a tortured, circuitous route – – sampans, caravans, tramp steamers and the like. Actually it just involved a trip on the M15 bus. Her book, a nonfiction work about the Supreme Court, intrigues me because it has a wonderful title. Which just happens to resonate with the title of my novel, Out Of Order.
The New York Times reviewer, Adam Liptak, gave the retired Supreme Court Justice a less than charitable verdict in his summation. He is the paper’ s Supreme Court correspondent and I suspect he was looking for something incisive and illuminating rather than the cheerful chat it apparently is. My next task is to read the book – – not for the purpose of judging it, but just to see how her Out Of Order compares with my Out Of Order.

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